The Blog
This blog contains original techniques and games created by Stavros Stavru. They are all inspired by years of experience as a university research / teaching fellow and as an agile trainer / coach / consultant / practitioner in numerous software organizations.
The blog is called agify.me to emphasize a number of things:

  • The “agi” component: The proposed techniques and games are specifically designed in the context of agile software development and could be used to reinforce the agile ideology within a team, department, organization, etc.
  • The “fy” component: The best way to learn is through experience. However the best way to really understand is by getting .puzzled and then .enlightened. For that reason most of the proposed techniques and games are borrowing elements from gamification.
  • The “.me” component: The proposed techniques and games require personal engagement and involvement in order to be effective and deliver value.

The Author
Stavros Stavru is a research and teaching fellow in the Department of Software Engineering at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”. His professional interests cover a variety of Software Engineering and Management topics, mostly in the field of Agile Software Development, Corporate Culture, Business and Professional Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility. He graduated Informatics and Business Administration in Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” and obtained a PhD in Software Engineering at the same university. He has solid industrial background in leading, training and coaching software development teams and is authoring various techniques, including The Fatware Matrix, The Zmey Planning, The Occupation Vectors, The Cultural Radars, The Rocket Retrospective, The FLY Technique, etc. In 2014 he was awarded by the President of Bulgaria the John Atanasoff certificate for the application of scientific advances and for the development of projects with significant positive social impact.
Stavros Stavru is also the author of the bookIn the world of man” which provokes and evaluates the creative thinking of its readers through a variaty of abstract pictures. More details could be found at the official website of the book.
If you want to try out the techniques and/or games proposed in this blog and your are looking for somebody to assist you? – then feel free to contact the author. You could also look for customized and fully tailored trainings as well as consultancy and coaching services in any of the following areas:

  • Agile software development (incl. ideology; origin; commonalities and differences with traditional software development methods; overview and comparative analysis of existing agile methods/techniques; industry adoption and current state; benefits/side effects/limitations; adoption success factors/barriers; agile myths/legends; deployment strategies/approaches; etc.);
  • Scrum (incl. principles and values; origin; processes; artefacts; ceremonies; roles; team dynamics; release/sprint plannning; relative vs. absolute planning; change management; scrum smells; distributed teams/projects; metrics; etc.);
  • Lean software development and Kanban (incl. historical evolution of management theory – Taylorism/Fordism/TPS ( Just-in-Time/Autonomation)/Lean manufacturing/LPD; Lean/Kanban principles and values; Lean/Kanban deployment; variations/waste; common practicies as the Kano model/Pareto principle, VSM, CFD, Kaizen/PDCA, etc.; related theories as Complex systems, Queueing theory, Pull systems/Pull scheduling, Theory of Constraints, etc.; metrics; continuous development and release planning; etc.);
  • Extreme programming (incl. origin; principles and values; process; practices as TDD, Unit testing, Continuous integration, Refactoring, etc.); and
  • Agile software development tools (incl. Atlassian Jira Agile, Bamboo, Fisheye, Crucible, Clover, etc).
  • Soft skills (incl. time management, communication skills, leadership, etc).

Given below are some recent customer testimonials.

Agify.me - Fuze Feedback
Dimitar Peev
Managing Director
Agify.me - Fuze Logo

Stavros was invited to conduct a series of trainings on Scrum and Kanban in Fuze in order to increase our knowledge and align our understanding on these particular development methods. The trainings turned to be extremely useful and had led to numerous positive effects in our ways of working. Thus I would highly recommend Stavros to any company which is looking to improve its efficiency and effectiveness in using Scrum and Kanban.

Agify.me - Ontotext Feedback
Vessela Tzonkova
HR Manager
Agify.me - Ontotext Logo

At Ontotext we started a transition to agile and wanted to evaluate different options as Scrum, Lean or Kanban. We asked Stavros to conduct a training which covers all these agile methods. The feedback after the training and consulting with our key people was absolutely positive! We are pleased to share that our collaboration was very fruitful and laid the foundations of a successful agile transition within our company. We highly recommend Stavros Stavru as an agile trainer and consultant and we would be very happy to continue working with him in the future.

Feel free to contact the author by email at stavros.stavru (at) gmail.com.