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Модул за лична ефективност от програмата за ефективни Scrum екипи на agify.me
Модул за лична ефективност от програмата за ефективни Scrum екипи на agify.me
Първа част от 'Отворената програма за ефективни Scrum екипи' на agify.me, която покрива четири ключови компетентности в контекста на ролите в Scrum, а имено управление на времето, управление на стреса, управление на конфликти и изграждане на самоувереност и асертивност.
10.2021 (начало)
999 без ДДС
Местата са ограничени до първите 10 записали се!
Petya Naydenova - Business Analyst
Miroslav Genev - Senior Software Engineer
Dimitar Vasilev - Key Account Operations Lead
Klara Kayralah - Senior Software Engineer
Georgi Geshev - Business Analyst
Ivelina Georgieva - QA Engineer
I just went through the Personal effectiveness module lead by Stavros and found it extremely relevant and useful. There were 4 trainings in total and even though they were online due to the Covid, they were very productive and thought provoking. There were games that engaged us, simulations that provoked conversation and debates in the group and real life examples which helped us put theory into perspective. I really enjoyed and learned a lot from each one.
- Petya Naydenova
Business Analyst
Подготовка за сертификатите PSM и PSPO на Scrum.org
Онлайн отворено сертифициращо обучение по Scrum
Подготовка за сертификатите PSM и PSPO на Scrum.org (няма предварителни изисквания към участниците).
399* без ДДС
* В цената не е включена таксата за самия изпит. За PSM I тя е 150$, а за PSPO I e 200$ и се заплаща на Scrum.org.
Kaloyan Tamnishki - Product owner and Scrum master at South Gate Tech
Stoycho Nedev - CTO and MoB of DAVID Holding
Dobromir Dzhurov - Experienced marketing communications professional
Dina Mihova - Implementation Consultant
Iliyan Dimitrov - Digital Transformation Lead at A1 Bulgaria
Kalina Tonkovska - IT PM at Spin Up Digital
Krum Karapaunov - Project Manager at Euro Games Technology Ltd.
Petya Ilieva - Training Specialist at Alorica
Rossina Mircheva - Product Owner at KPMG ITS
Yovka Stamenova - ERP Product Manager at DAVID Holding
Genimir Georgiev - Project Manager at Internovus
Veselin Marzakov - CEO at M Car Group (BMW and Mini)
Alexander Gochev - Project Manager at AVX Corporation
Lyubomir Dimitrov - Digital Product Manager at Raiffeisenbank Bulgaria
Ivo Marinov - BI Consultant at Adastra Bulgaria EOOD
Mariela Mincheva - Project Manager at A1 Bulgaria
Nelly Ognianova - Commercial Head South Eastern Europe at Mundipharma
Mariya Ilieva - Project Manager at Paradine GmbH
Atanas Georgiev - Project Manager at Media Engine Inc.
Petya Ivanova - Scrum Master at Fourth
One of the best Scrum courses in Sofia! Ground breaking approach to explain what Agile and Scrum is, best money spent on course. Highly recommend to anyone interested in Agile trainings!
- Kaloyan Tamnishki
Product owner and Scrum master at South Gate Tech
Ekaterina Sharlandjieva - Project Delivery Manager at Unicard
Dimitar Peev - Managing Director at Fuze Inc.
Vessela Krissel - Head Of Human Resources at Ontotext AD
Peter Sarafov & Maya Rakovska - Squad Leader & Manager at A1 Bulgaria
Boyan Gagov - Program Manager at Adidas
Natalie Probets - Program Manager at Isobar
Ivan Draganov - Product Owner at Royal Yachting Association
Neda Yonkova & Mario Nakov - Project Manager & Scrum Master at Clarins
Lora Boykova - Scrum Master at Shiseido
Tsvetan Tsvetkov & Emil Peichev - Program Manager & Scrum Master at ASDA
Hristo Hristov & Boryana Dimitrova - Big Data Engineer & QA Engineer at UNIQA Software-Service Bulgaria EOOD
I have worked with Stavros on developing and running bespoke agile training for Unicard staff in 2019. During this time, he has delivered training both for Bulgarian and English teams of the company, engaging with people from different seniority levels and explaining the Agile principles and values clearly and passionately. I have been genuinely impressed by Stavros ability to explain the Agile practice in the company specific context and work with the people to help them find solutions for real-life problems. The Kanban training for the UK team of Unicard had been performed professionally and executed perfectly. The impact on the team members was extraordinary as the training helped to rethink the way we work. I want to thank Stavros for his help and for traveling several thousand miles to perform the Agile training in the UK for our English colleagues at the end of 2019. I would recommend Stavros as a professional and skillful Agile trainer to any organization.
- Ekaterina Sharlandjieva
Project Delivery Manager at Unicard

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